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Loss of mobility due to arthritis doesn’t have to mean loss of independence. Our “True Caregivers” arrive prepared to assist with activities of daily living such as household chores, dressing, bathing and errands. Support from Baton Rouge ElderCare’s “True Cargivers” will allow you or your loved one with arthritis to reduce stress, fatigue, over-exertion and other factors that worsen the pain. We can also facilitate opportunities for low-impact exercise as recommended by the Arthritis Foundation®, such as a walk in the park or attending a fitness class at a senior center, to minimize the symptoms of arthritis. Seniors living with arthritis can benefit from caregiver support and encouragement in adopting these beneficial lifestyle changes, as well as in managing their doctor-prescribed pain treatment. Seniors often have numerous prescriptions to take throughout the day, and to ensure those medications do their job alleviating symptoms, a Baton Rouge ElderCare “True Caregiver” can help keep track of what to take and when.
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